So what’s my story?  Why do I want to clutter the web with yet another blog?

Let’s keep it simple.  I’m a New Zealander with a photography hobby.  I want to share my work.  This is a good way to share some of what goes on (or doesn’t go on) to make a photo.  🙂


  1. Phillip Taare

    Hi, I am currently building a website for my brother who just opened a chiropractic clinic in Whakatane, I studied web design e commerce although I just do it now as a hobby. I’m using a wordpress theme and decided it would be nice to do it for him as a present however I have come to an awkward standstill as I have no images. Would you be interested in an exchange, I would prefer if it was non monetary but your images are so beautiful they would really make the site look incredible.

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