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Driving Abroad – International Driving Permit

38 Days and Counting…

So the Automobile Association (AA) wants to get a few dollars for ‘translating’ my licence so I can drive in foreign countries.  Much of the Europe I intend to visit is cool with just my New Zealand Driver Licence, but not Italy.  So I hand over more hard earned cash, a copy of my licence, a cheesy passport photo, and then, ta da:

International Driving Permit
International Driving Permit

Photo with an NZ passport to give you an idea of size.  It’s flimsy grey card with a few stamps and a photo laminated in the back.  Not exactly an inspiring document, but as long as I carry it (and my NZ licence) it’ll be one less thing for the fussy Italian Police to pick on.  Speaking of fussy…  Check out this nightmare story on Italian traffic tickets.  Gist of it is that there’s some poorly sign posted restricted traffic zones monitored by cameras…  Drive into the zone and BAM!  Ticket coming your way.  So with that in mind I’m currently looking at what I do with my hire car if I want to venture into the heart of the bigger Italian cities.  Much of my journey is intended to be around the smaller villages and countryside where I’m hoping parking and congestion is less of a problem.  Looking at it from my couch over here in NZ, the flexibility afforded by the car is still outweighing the parking hassles and cost.  But let’s see if that opinion changes once I get on the road…

One last point – rather oddly, the NZ Automobile Association recommends that I carry an International Driving Permit if I’m driving in New Zealand  (We recommend taking an IDP to these countries).   Hmmm…

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