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Trek it out man!

39 Days and Counting…

Even with a Peugoet Eurolease hire car I suspect I’ll be doing a fair bit of walking  over in Europe, probably lugging too much camera gear as well.  Clearly some basic fitness wouldn’t hurt.  I’ve been doing a bit of running the last few months, so I’m picking I should be in reasonable shape to handle it.  However I’ve not been running with the weight of photographic equipment on my back.  So as a little experiment I threw on a Lowepro Slingshot 200 AW with just a few kg in it and went for a wee jog:

Google Earth image of 13km Kohi Point loop
Google Earth image of 13km Kohi Point loop

It’s a rather hilly 13km loop from home around the Kohi Point walkway.  The walkway is kinda mapped in Google Earth, but the route above is courtesy of my Garmin etrex Legend HCx (purchased after a glowing review from Jeffrey Friedl – I’ll be using his “GPS-Support” Geoencoding Adobe Lightroom Plugin to geoencode my photos).  More on that little beasty in later posts.

Worthwhile noting that the Slingshot 200 AW camera bag is waaaay too tiny to be of much use taking what I need across to Europe, so I’ve acquired another Lowepro model, a Fastpack 350 to carry out the duty.  It’s a rather more substantial bag (more detail in a future post), so I don’t think I’ll be doing any running training with it on, but I’ll put in a few walks with it loaded up before I head off.

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