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Those who backup, and those who don’t… Yet.

To quote a cliche – “There are two types of people in this world, those who backup, and those who don’t… Yet.” And why are there these two kinds of people? Because there are two other kinds of people in the world – those who have had a hard drive failure, and those who will. Hard drives fail. Be ready for it. A lot of data on a typical home computer may be easy come easy go, or stored in the cloud. It’s not too critical if it’s lost. But my photos are unique and precious. Sure, there’s low res versions on facebook and/or flickr, but the memories and effort that are captured in the originals or unpublished the ones, are priceless.


I tried several different applications to find one that gave me what I wanted. The vision was a complete “set and forget” solution that allowed me to simply swap my external backup drive weekly and do nothing else. Acronis True Image’s nonstop backup comes very, very close to perfection for this. It continually backs up to an external drive. I can swap my external drive weekly with a copy stored offsite and True Image picks up where it left off without any interaction from me. Where it falls short, however, is that every month or two I have to wipe the drive because the incremental backup won’t automatically delete the oldest snapshots.

Acronis True Image Nonstop Backup

So aside from the aforementioned shortcoming, it works flawlessly. I have an 80 GB SSD boot drive, and a 2 TB HDD where photos and other data are stored. These are both continuously backed up and compressed to a second 2 TB HDD connected to an external SATA dock.

Photo of all my photos

The drive simply slides off the top of the tower case, and each week it’s swapped with a copy I keep at work.


  1. David Steele

    this is an excellent idea.
    must check acronis for details.

    have you details of your SSD and WD 2.0TB H/D setup?

    love your photos, I reckon milk crates move around. Have seen some that you photographed, up the street behind cafe in coorparoo brisbane!!

    Cheers, David

  2. Dave Sanderson

    So does it backup the entire drive each time, or just the new files that have been created since the last backup?

    • Just the new ones, and any changes as they happen. That said, every so often it has a hiccup or the drive gets full and I have to manually wipe the backup drive and let it start again. It’s fairly seamless, but not quite 100%. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect software…

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