Georgie’s Harvest

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An amazing meal from at Georgie’s Harvest as part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. A little slack getting these online, but at least now you can have a looksee 🙂

Australia Day 2013

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Burgers. Well, the components of them at least, got too busy eating them to take photos 🙂 And then the Pavlova. Oh, no actually it was Pavington Lamitova… (Lamington-Pavlova hybrid).

White Island Volcano

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A day trip to NZs most active volcano, just of the coast of Whakatane. Lived next to it for years, and now finally got around to getting out there (thanks for the Christmas present Dad). Exiting the Whakatane Bar Our … Continue reading

Balloons Again

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Balloons were out again this morning: Reminded me I hadn’t yet uploaded this ominous looking one from a couple of months back:

Baking Cards

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Remember this? That was just over a year ago. My Dell XPS M1730 starting going a bit mental and then the screen died. Well, that’s what it looked like, but, since it wasn’t even booting as far as POST (Power … Continue reading

Three Bags Full

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Another industrial chic cafe, which you can only get away with if you do it well. And they do at Three Bags Full.

Wok and Wine

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Wok, wine, rip, lick, bite, suck. Simple formula for a great social event. …and if anyone is getting a treatment at Miss Fox this morning, this is why your massage oil probably smells like chilli prawns: