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Cherry Blossoms in Japan

Cherry (Sakura) blossoms are something of a big deal in Japan. Our trip coincided well with the season (which incidentally, is closely monitored and forecasted by the Japanese Meteorological Agency. The season is well covered by photographers -Jeffrey Friedl for example (who also authors many of my favourite and most used Adobe Lightroom plugins). There’s even a few videos of the event scattered around the web. Anywho, photos – here are some of the blossoms that we happened to cross paths with as we moved about Japan. Most are from Kyoto.

Kyoto Cherry Blossoms

Just realised I can’t be bothered copy-pasting all the links, so I’ll do it the easy way and use the flickr flash slideshow (make sure you’re viewing at http://www.colourandlight.co.nz/blog, and can run flash)

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